Friday, January 8, 2010


I feel like someone has kicked the crap out of me. And in a way, someone has. Her name is Mother Nature.

When I got home last night, I cleaned off both cars, did some shoveling (enough to move both cars in and out of the driveway and to enter and exit both cars without going through a drift) and then took each car to the gas station. (Both HAD over a half tank but having more than 3/4 each is better. Besides, it was good to make sure they both got some runtime in as this cold is hell on batteries.) Almost as soon as I'd started this little adventure, the wind kicked in, pushing stinging snow into my eyes, sending powerful shivers through me -- and not in a good way.

To say my butt was frozen by the time I'd finished all this would be a serious understatement. Pearl's heated seat was a temporary oasis, but the cold WOULD NOT leave me. Anywhere I sat soon became a frozen seat.

It finally took about 20 minutes on a heating pad to revive my backside and ultimately a really hot shower to actually return all the circulation to my lower half. I HATE being that cold. And this was the end to a day that had started with me standing on a corner in the cold for about 20 minutes for a bus that never came. (I tried to come in early but ended up on my regular bus.)

Yeah. This week can't get over fast enough to suit me. Tonight, I'm on way to Crop Camp and I can purge myself of this nasty, nasty first week of the new year. It will all get back on track after that. I know it will.


Leah@storybookranch said...

this weather is killer, but it makes us stronger, right? Builds resiliency? that's what I tell myself, anyway. Have a great weekend!

Kate said...

Have a great time this weekend - you certainly deserve it!

cd said...

Enjoy the weekend - hopefully cropping includes some Bartles & James wine coolers (do they even make those anymore)!

Victoria said...

awe hope you have a nice weekend to make up for it!

sewwhat? said...

The countdown has finally yielded a 0 for its first number. Have a great time. Say hello to MonkeyGirl!

Vicki said...

Happy Crop Camping!!

NV said...

Leah - Thanks! Yes. The weather can be quite the killer.

Kate -- Thanks. And it was FABULOUS.

CD -- Nope. Alcohol wasn't even involved, at least not on my part. Still a great time!

Victoria --DEFINITELY made up for it!

sewwhat -- Thanks! I told her.

Vicki -- Thanks. It sure was!

Anonymous said...