Saturday, January 16, 2010

Yes I Can!

We went shopping last night, The mother has been in a bit of a funk following the death of a family friend that she didn't learn about until he was already buried.

So, it was a combination of necessity shopping and good ole retail therapy.

Pearl's trunk was full and we got home just ahead of the really nastiest of the fog. The temperature was hovering just above freezing by the time we got in and I was glad we made it when we did. The fog was plenty thick this morning so I just stayed in bed. Getting dressed now to take a bunch of cans in for recycling. I think cans are even at 55 cents a pound right now. Booyah! They usually only pay well when I have a tiny amount.

Good news: Jim seems confident that he can fix Pearl. He tried to use a code reader yesterday but it wasn't the right one. (He thinks his son has the right one.) So I am to call him on Monday which is perfect because I'm off! YAY! That made me feel a lot better. A LOT.

So, I'm off to recycle and then I'm coming home and planning to get to work on the bathroom. I desperately want to get the floor finished up and do some wall finishing and maybe even some painting done. Let's see how far I get.


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Karen Anne said...

Wow, you get paid for recycling?