Friday, January 8, 2010


I left my cellphone on at work yesterday, something I don’t ordinarily do because I’m usually at my desk or somewhere in the building where I can hear a PA page.

Good thing, because I got a call from Lawrence.

Like he did last year and the year before, Lawrence is working as a day laborer. But, unlike the previous years, he intends to do it all year. This really crimps my plans as it means he will only be available to me on Saturdays. And then, even on a limited basis as he’s going to school starting next month. UGH!

D*mn. I thought retired people were supposed to slow down. Doesn’t sound like that’s the case at all with him.

It means I will really have to work out priorities on jobs where I need his skills or his help. I guess it’s pretty lucky that we got the driveway, the cabinets and drawer fronts and some of the projects he got done for me during the August marathon done when we did or those might be in jeopardy.

I think the most likely things next on his list will be installing a make-up mirror and wiring it for electric in the bathroom and repairing the shower faucet/handle. But, those will have to wait for a different weekend. I am off to Crop Camp!

Let the annual silliness begin – PLEASE!!! This week has been unrealistically long.

I think I have decided to forego the “blogging by the bathroom light” of last year and give myself a day off tomorrow. Stay tuned though. To borrow a line from the California gov: “I’ll be back.”


Jayne said...

Have fun! Wonder if Mare would drive all the way to St. Louis to help you out? ;)

sewwhat? said...

Come back full of news of how much fun you had a crop camp. I miss reading your funny, (well not always funny, but interesting) blogs!

NV said...

Jayne --Thanks! Wow. Now that's not a thought I'd had. My own porch elf ... :-)

sewwhat -- Aw, thanks! A little down time made a lot of diffrence.

Anonymous said...