Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Are We REALLY Still Here?

Or have they not yet turned on that massive particle accelerator?! Nope, it's been switched on. This article though says that it is still a year away from full power. So I guess we can't really say for sure yet whether or not we'll be sucked out of existence by a series of small black holes.

One thing anyway, if it WAS the End of Days, I at least got to see most of an awesome sunrise. There is just something exhilirating about watching as your back window fills up with those first reds, oranges and pinks starting to blast their way into day.

And I got to drive across my beloved McKinley Bridge, the same structure that has linked at least four generations of my family to downtown St. Louis. The same bridge that CD and I grew up at opposite ends of.

I'm in ultra-early, even for me, because I'm gone at noon. Taking half a vacation day to go try to finish the shed interior, help the mother finish scrubbing the outside of the house, and maybe, just maybe, start on the exterior of Pimp My Shed. That's a lot to expect in less than seven hours, but we'll see.

At least I'm still here to try.


Nina said...

Have you seen Google today? They had a particle accelerator drawing around the Google, I laughed out loud when I saw it.

Kristy said...

Ah, good ol' McKinley Bridge. The weather is supposed to be perfect today during the daylight hours, so hopefully you'll be able to get some stuff done.

CD said...

I'm sure glad that bridge can't talk! I was at Lowes this morning and Gravel Boy asked where my friend was. He looked relieved when he realized I was flying solo and only needed two bags of mortar. Good Luck today.

MonkeyGirl said...

I'm with CD - I'm glad the bridge can't talk or we would be in really big trouble!

NV said...

Nina -- I sure did! I laughed, too, because I love how they are always changing it to something topical.

Kristy -- The weather WAS perfect and I was knockin' stuff down hour by hour. :-)

CD -- That cracks me up. Pray tell, what is the mortar for?

MG -- Um, yeah. I almost said a few things but then I remembered that I have more than one mom reading these days. What happens on the bridge, stays on the bridge. ;-)

Vicki said...

No trumpets today.

How many vacation days do you have? :)

NV said...

V -- I have 18 plus a personal day and a floating holiday. Including today, I now have 3.5 unused ...

Now ask me how many of my vacation days I spend doing things for work. :-)