Monday, September 29, 2008

A Plan B

If, like me, you are a houseblogger going through withdrawal as is again MIA, listen up: I’ve devised a Plan B.

(OK. I didn’t exactly devise the plan any more than Al Gore created the Internet or John McCain invented the Blackberry. However, I’m putting some info out there for your consideration.) It was actually Vicki at Not So SAHM who’s the catalyst for the plan as it were.

Last month, she launched Best Posts of the Week. Rather than paraphrase and screw it up, here’s her explanation/description straight from the site: Best Posts of the Week is a blog dedicated to highlighting the best post of the week from participating bloggers. It's easy to participate. Just submit the link of your best post! … She got tired of spending too much time surfing for great content and wanted it to come to her. Now you can reap the rewards!

Now, here’s the plan part. If, like me, you send Vicki your favorite post for the week, you’ll be on BPOW for not only interested housebloggers but a whole ‘nother crop of folks to come and visit your blog. Because you know if they read one post and they like it, they'll read more, too.

It’s free, it’s easy, and most of it is something you’re already doing anyway (writing a blog post). All it means is you send a single email once a week with a link to your favorite post. And, it’s a nice Plan B to find everybody in one place when some of our other outlets aren’t up and running.

And, Vicki’s a great gal. I know she’d love to have you on board. She collects all the submissions by Friday and then posts them on BPOW on Saturday.

AND … you might even make some new friends or find some more blogs you’d like to read. I know I have. Hope you will, too.


Vicki said...

Wow! Thanks for the shout out! I have been kicking around the idea of having the posts divided into groups or topics, so if there is enough house blogger interest it would definitely make me more willing to get the categories up and running.

Jennifer said...

Great idea! If only I had posted anything at all this week.

NV said...

Jennifer -- it's only Tuesday. There's still time! :-) said...

What is up with I used to get 20-40 visitors a day from them. Over the past few months, I don't see any traffic from them. Weird. Off to check out post of the week!

NV said...

upstate -- I used to get about that same volume from them. At least many people from there are still seeking me out. :-) Glad you're checkin' out BPOW!

Anonymous said...