Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Rain Stays Away

The forecast rain, short of a few showers very early this morning, never came. In fact, it was a pretty glorious day.

Before noon, I went outside and started working on the driveway. The first order of driveway sealing is to fill cracks. Apparently, I did a pretty good job four years ago as a lot of the patching I did then is still in place. (You can see much of it now as the sealer itself has worn away.)

It's tedious and time-consuming work. So, I didn't get all that far. I did get some of the deeper cracks cleaned out and filled. Not that far, but at least it's started.

My time in the driveway gave me a unique vantage point to the neighbors' open house. It ran for about four hours. There were three visitors during that time.

And boy, what a conscientious agent. *sarcasm* At 3:45, she was putting stuff in her car. She had taken down the open house sign, the balloons she'd brought, and was pulling out of the driveway by 4 p.m. Makes me want to go hire her right now.

I'm anxiously waiting to see if the forecast (dry weather all week) has changed. Cross your fingers. I need it to be dry as much this week as possible and ALL of next weekend. C'mon Mother Nature. Be nice.


Jayne said...

Sounds like you had a pretty productive day--wasn't the weather great?? Now if it'll just continue til we get our outside projects done. Be nice to us, Mother Nature.

NV said...

Absolutely, Jayne! Here's hoping. If only I'd disregarded the forecast sooner ... :-)

SmilingJudy said...

You know agents don't hold open houses to sell houses, right? They do it to find new clients.

I will send clear weather for the next week and two days. Then that's it. You're on your own.

NV said...

Judy -- Good point. I guess I just expect people to be a LITTLE conscientious about their work. :-)

Anonymous said...