Sunday, September 14, 2008

Spared the Worst

We were lucky. The heavy rain dissipated before any got in the house. Our neighbors had some water, though nothing serious.

Lots of people here -- and on the other side of the river -- were flooded out. Some had to be rescued from their homes by boat! I was flabbergasted watching some of the news coverage.

The local hospital had a flooded basement and a telephone pole on the corner either got knocked down by the wind or else fell due to eroded ground from the rising water. (second photo) Stalled cars happened all over the place.(top photo) The worst was past by noon. Just some really gusty winds remained.

It was a rough morning so I took a nap. Didn't get to sleep much as my neighbor, who is siding his shed, came out and got working after the rain stopped. But I did get an hour or so in and that helped some.


Vicki said...

It's amazing that the effect of Ike went so far north! I was expecting the flooding to be from the Mississippi, but you got the actual wind an rain! Glad to hear you're safe and the d*mn house is sound.

Why S? said...

I'm glad to hear you came through it well . . . and that you had a nap! I didn't think you ever slept.

And congrats on the honors to your fence. But it reminded me that I'm really starting to regret that we went with wood. Oy.

NV said...

Thanks, V. Yep. It was the rain flooding out our storm sewers. Meanwhile, good money is spent building concrete medians to plant flowers in a part of town where nothing but city hall is.

Why -- I don't sleep ... much. Thanks. I'm sure hoping I don't regret going with vinyl!

Ann said...

Is that your street? My gosh! Scary. But lucky, too.

NV said...

Ann -- Top photo is my street. The other two intersect with my street and are at the end of my alley! Yes, I feel very lucky. another hour of rain like that and I am afraid to think of what we'd have been dealing with.