Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Dig My Driveway

This will be the last weekend of summer. How IS that possible?! Am I the only one that’s freaking out about it?

At least the mother is busy with her work on the foundation. I had to move all my plywood and frame boards for the shed – and a whole bunch of other crap – to give her access to the carport side of the house. She was caulking and starting to paint yesterday.

"Pimp My Shed" is going to have to go on temporary hiatus while I devote time to Dig My Driveway instead. I can always wear sweats and a jacket to work on the outside of the shed. Driveway seal has a few more requirements where temps are concerned. If I had a list, it would get bumped up on it.

I need to figure out how much driveway seal I need and what kind of patch I’m going to get and start doing it. We’re supposed to (again, nodding at KayO) have good weather through at least Monday and as long as we have highs in or near the 80s, the sealer should dry up well. So guess what I’m doing this weekend?

I forgot my camera AGAIN! Damn me anyhow. In fairness, I was lucky to get out the door this morning. I’m getting a cold which makes it hard to sleep and I’m a little stressed about some other stuff which has made it harder still to sleep. (About 12 hours so far this week. Not good.) I was slow to rise this morning and got ready pretty hurriedly, so the camera wasn’t exactly a priority.

I didn’t even LOOK for Lewis & Clark on the way in this morning (though I have since purchased the song.) Its crest is forecast for tomorrow so I’ll try very hard to remember!


Ty'sMommy said...

Oh NOOOOO! Say it isn't so! Granted, I've sensed Fall's arrival for some time now, but I'm not ready! If my headboard doesn't arrive in the next 2 days I won't be able to get it stained this weekend and it might be my last chance for decent "staining" weather!

Anonymous said...

If it gets too cold there, and you are still itching for projects come mid-winter, I know somewhere you could go where there's lots to do... ;)

Vicki said...

You need to contact HGTV to at least come out and record one of your projects. They should just stick aroun a year for a year in the life of This D*mn House.

NV said...

ty'smom -- I KNOW. Isn't it horrible?! At least the weather is good. Here's hoping for another month of it. And crossing my fingers your headboard shows up PRONTO!

kspin -- Sorry. That's when I get to move INDOORS and start on the many projects blooming there as we speak.

V-- You're sweet to think it, but somehow I think that show could be Boooooooooring in a hurry! :-)

Ann said...

Aw, I'm sorry you're stressed and not sleeping - I just hate that strung out feeling, ugh! Hang in there, darlin'.