Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Mosquitoes No More?

Warning: This is a shameless attempt to win something cool. Not only that, it’s something that has the potential to keep me from being covered in mosquito bites all the time!

That's because the guys and gals over at One Project Closer are giving away a Mosquito 86 mosquito prevention system. You can literally blast mosquitoes away. Isn’t that great?! Creating this post gets me 75 chances closer to winning it.

Their timing couldn’t be better. Working on the driveway every night after work, I’ve been getting swarmed – and bitten – by those damn things. And I’m itchy because of it. Seems like bugs are really wreaking havoc around here lately, doesn’t it?

Go check out their blog and this giveaway. Get in on it, too, if you want. Don’t have a blog or don’t want to write a post about the contest? You can still win! Just leave a comment (one chance) or register for OPC’s email updates (10 chances).

Good luck!