Monday, September 29, 2008

Run Over by the Driveway

The sun is trying to come up and for now, it’s dry though the morning dew is thick.

I’m hoping that my driveway has had long enough to anchor in place. I think it has, considering that two-thirds of it has been down since Saturday and a large portion of that last third is under the carport. As rain is supposedly on its way later this morning, and probably again this afternoon, I guess we’ll find out.

Cross your fingers.

If ever I wished I had a day off, today would likely be that day. I don’t remember sealing the driveway as being that rigorous of a job, but I feel like someone has kicked the crap out of me, particularly my lower back. I guess that’s the way it is when you only do something every four or five years. This was the fourth time I’ve done it in 22 years, so I guess it’s a combination of 1)forgetting how hard it is and 2) being older each time I do it.

I had to laugh because the poor thing has already been under siege. There were slug trails and squirrel tracks in it this morning. I even walked across it – gingerly and in clean shoes – so I guess it has been appropriately christened.

Welcome to the neighborhood.