Saturday, September 13, 2008

Mow, Show, and Home Depot

I started my day at Home Depot. Because, you know, it's been 72 hours since I've seen the inside of a hardware store. And that just isn't allowed ...

But this was no ordinary day. Not by a long stretch. It's not very often that you "meet" people online that you almost immediately click with only to find out that they live an hour or so away. (At least it doesn't happen to me. I usually latch onto folks who live thousands of miles away.)

But Ty'smommy lives a little over an hour north of me. And when she told me she was coming to a bead show this weekend, a show about 10 miles from my house AND just down the road from someplace I was planning to be anyway, the die was cast.

Now beads aren't particularly my thing. And God knows, as Ty'smommy so eloquently put it, it's not like I need another hobby. But when the Monkeygirl said she would come over the river, both for the show and to meet Ty'smommy, how could I stay away? So that was the show.

I had a good time. It was unbelievably great to meet Ty'smommy live and in person, and it's always good to hang with the Monkeygirl. Time went all too quick. Next time, we definitely do lunch. Or a happy hour. Definitely.

It was supposed to rain today. (Supposed to ... nodding at KayO.) It didn't. So I could have worked on Pimp My Shed. But because Ike is coming to drown us later and keep drowning us again tomorrow, I didn't feel like dragging out and setting up. I mowed instead. God knows the yard needed it. It was so muggy and hot, I was drenched halfway through the front yard. And the backyard ... I'll spare you the gory details.

The mother has deemed that both front and back "look very nice" and they must, or believe me, I'd hear about it.


Vicki said...

LOVE the title! And did the mother and Lawrence get to come? They are important characters in This D*mn House.

I'm glad you had a good time!

Jayne said...

Great title! And how cool that you got to meet one of your blogfriends.

NV said...

V -- Thanks! No, no mother or Lawrence. We'll save them for another adventure. :-)

Jayne -- Thanks, Jayne. Yes, it was very cool. You're probably next ya know since you're about the next closest. :-)

Ann said...

Oh how cool that you got to meet a fellow cool blogger! Awesome!

Anonymous said...