Sunday, September 28, 2008

Paint It Black

With all due respect to the Rolling Stones:

I see a driveway and I want to paint it black .
Had no idea what it would do to my back!

Mean Old Man walks by and he wrinkles up his nose.
He's just lucky I can't reach him with my garden hose.

I started with a bristle brush just like I've always done.
Then I went to Ace and bought a roller just for fun.

It went on faster and a little easier on my back.
But my feet, my hands, my knees -- they're all painted black.

I see a driveway and it's now painted black.
I'm really glad that I don't have to go back.

Usually underestimate what I need to get the job done. Not this time -- I ended up with an extra one.

And I am gonna take it, take it, take it, take it back ...


MonkeyGirl said...

Handy and creative to boot! Looks awesome!

Jayne said...

You crack me up!!

Vicki said...

I love original song parodies :) I'll be singing it for the rest of the day though! said...

I love the way that stuff smells.

Yes, I'm a freak.

NV said...

MG -- Thanks! Guess I had possession of the brain last night.

Jayne -- tee hee! :-)

V -- Paint it, paint it, paint it, paint it black. That song will never sound the same to me again.

upstate -- Not me. gluhhh! :-)

Jennifer said...

It looks awesome!

NV said...

Thanks, Jennifer. I'm hoping that after yesterday's rain, it will still decide to hang around. So far, so good. :-)

Ann said...

LOL!! Looks awesome!!!!

Tiffiney said...

Great job..cute post! :)

Susie said...

I am coming to you by way of Best Post of the Week and this is a great post! I love your creative story telling:-)

JourneytoFamily said...

I loved this, especially your brand of storytelling. Hilarious!

(visiting from BPOTW)

NV said...

Ann, Tiffiney -- Thanks! Lot of work, but usually worth it.

Susie, Journey -- Thank you! The parody was fun to do. The driveway -- not so much. :-) Thanks for stopping by!