Thursday, September 18, 2008

Just Google It!

Recently, I’ve seen several bloggers post about odd searches that brought visitors to their blogs. So, I decided to join that party. For some reason, yesterday was the day for Google to bring searchers to me. En masse.

When it was one or two, I smiled. Double that, I shrugged. But four, five, and six times that? Wow! And odder still, many of the searches came from foreign countries! Got to love Google searches. And some of the things they were searching for? I couldn’t help but grin.

Here’s a few of the searches that brought folks to This D*mn House and the post it took them to:
• Australia -what can you use a rivet tool
• Seattle – when does a guest become a resident?
• Somewhere in Colorado – simple shed 4x8 plywood
• India –Halloween shopping
• Somewhere in California – Neanderthal humor
• Spain – The Long Ryders
• Brazil – onebyday donna (This is the only one I just really don't get.)

And this is just some of them.

Who’d have thunk it? I'm finding it very amusing and I love it. (Especially since they aren't those weird, x-rated queries that show up every once in a while.) What are some of your fun keywords that drew visitors?


Anonymous said...

I have had some strange ones too. Here are a few...

*models in kilts windy days
*did he kick you in your woobies+book
*moulin rouge cake
*fog sun brick
*krab sebastiaan

I wish I knew where they were from. I just got these from my dashboard. Great idea!

Vicki said...

Neanderthal humor...wonder what they found! And I didn't know they celebrated Halloween in India...

Dee said...

My favorite: bondage syberian

NV said...

You girls are too funny. Love it!

Ann said...

LOL! Can't even recall some of mine at the moment - but I just LOVE yours "when does a guest become a resident" --- does one really need to GOOGLE that??? So funny!!

NV said...

Ann -- Yeah, I guess somebody does ... :-) Can't knock it. Makes for good blogging.

Anonymous said...