Thursday, September 4, 2008

The Women

All work and no play made NV intolerably grumpy, incredibly achy, and gloomy about the prospect of returning to the office grind on Wednesday. So bear all of the preceding in mind as you read this post from yesterday!

Because of my dour mood, things affected me much more acutely this morning I guess. It started off with the bus driver. I took a later bus in than usual. I also forgot to get a new bus pass over the weekend, but luckily, I had plenty of change.

I no sooner let go of the last coin than the driver barked: “Where are you going?” Downtown. “Do you need a transfer?” No. As I’m walking away, I’m mumbling You do not want to start with me today, lady. You DO NOT.

She went on to hassle several more commuters, not wanting to take a transfer, making them take their passes out of holders, very rudely telling them "get off here because this was where 75 cents" got them. It was all I could do to stay in my seat and not go slap her. There was no reason to treat people like that. Bitch.

As I was boarding the bus, a gal in her 30s maybe, visibly pregnant, was standing in the back door. She looked like she’d been crying. A very grubby, extremely tattooed man yelled after her and then at her. He got on the bus right after I did.

As I sat down, I noticed the damp T-shirt she was holding to her right cheek. I’m just guessing here, but I believe she’d been hit. She had that look, too. That kicked puppy look that I’ve seen on more than one abused woman’s face. At first she wouldn't talk to him, but as he kept edging closer, she caved. "Baby, I didn't ..." he started to say and she stifled him with a kiss. It was painful to watch. I hoped I was wrong, especially since there’s another generation on the way. It made me sad.

As the bus trundled across the river, I saw a woman APPLYING EYELINER while navigating her SUV. That’s great, honey. Feed the stereotype a little more, why don’t you? (Sorry, ladies, if this fits you. It’s both stupid and selfish to do this.)

Then, as I walked away from my stop, I could hear someone yelling. This wasn’t easy as I had the iPod cranked. (And it was a Sting tune, so hey, don't interrupt!) One of the other passengers was holding a bag, my bag, a bag I’d aimlessly thrown snacks and things into this morning. I’d left it on my seat. I trotted back to grab it and said thanks.

That made me feel better. You’ve got to love nice people.

So, in the course of less than 25 minutes, I’d gone through four different emotions: anger, pity, disgust and gratitude. Made me wonder what the rest of the day would hold.

Luckily, it was a pretty good day. Crazy busy, chaotic, brain-numbingly insane day, but a pretty good one.


Anonymous said...

Oh, yeah. I have those "you don't want to start with me days" not infrequently - especially when I have to go to some huge waste of time style meetings. I totally feel your pain.

NV said...

Thanks, Jen. It was definitely one of those mornings!

Ann said...

I'm glad you had those emotions in that order - bc in any other order, what a rotten way to arrive at work, huh? Damn I love gratitude at just the right moment...

Anonymous said...