Thursday, September 18, 2008

I Couldn't Remember, So I Forgot About It

I think a combination of stress and lack of sleep have finally come to beat the hell out of me. I’m waving a white flag. They win.

Like a lot of people these days, I’m on edge, and the stress is contributing to my lack of sleep. And, natural-born insomniac that I am, I don’t sleep much to start with. A combination of things at work and home are the key culprits. And I’ve been eating lots of junk again after being quite good for months.

Clearly, I need to calm down. I’m trying, believe me, but it’s not easy.

My body is letting me know that it’s unhappy, too. Primarily, it’s using my brain as the message-bearer. The message: your brain is shutting down. Game off. G’night everybody.

I can’t remember ANYTHING! It’s a miracle I make it back to This D*mn House at night. (Stress, sleep deprivation and poor diet = short-term memory trauma.)

I forget phone numbers that I call all the time. I go to greet people in the hall and their names escape me. Things I was supposed to add to documents … might as well tell the wall.

I’m losing things. Constantly. Last night is a great example. I left my jacket on the bus. Or maybe, at the bus stop. This wouldn’t be a big deal except my keys happen to be in one of the pockets. Good thing I didn’t drive to the bus station or I wouldn’t have been able to get the car home!

So this morning I ask the driver if he can ask dispatch if someone turned in a jacket. I describe it and add that it had keys in the pocket. He attempts but they say I have to call them. And I’d have done that right there on the bus.

Except my cell phone is at home, either on the table or the couch – along with my Nano and sunglasses because I forgot to grab them on my way out. (I’d have gone back into the house to retrieve them this morning except I don’t have keys, remember? And I wasn’t about to wake the mother.)

When I got off the bus, I walked up to my evening stop on the off chance that if I’d left my jacket there. it would be waiting for me. No such luck. When I get to my office, I go to close my door to call the transit system’s dispatch center. As I touch the door, something catches my eye: my jacket.

Hanging. On. The. Back. Of. The Door. Dear God. Please help me.

The one thing I have to do tonight is go to the grocery store. Once everything is home and put away, I’m taking a shower and going to bed. Before I retire, I think I’ll have some hot tea. Nice and relaxing. And adding a shot or two of Amaretto to it shouldn't hurt either.

That’s not a guarantee that I will sleep, but I’m putting forth the effort.


Vicki said...

Well, here's hoping that you don't read this until tomorrow morning. What you're describing is the same exact thing as baby brain. It took about 18 months with both kids to feel mentally normal again. I hope it only takes you a weekend!

MonkeyGirl said...

OMG - We are sharing the brain ad I'm so sorry. That has been happening to me for months. Remember, I'm the one who didn't even notice my husband shaved ? said...

Can we carpool? Cause like, I'm a scrambled mess too.

Anonymous said...

Stress does crazy things to me too, but mostly I just get short with my husband and then get a cold...which I'm getting right now. Funny post!

NV said...

V -- YIKES! That sounds awful. It's only been this bad for a week or two. I don't think I could take it much longer than that.

MG --It's times like this that I hasten to remind you that we really don't have to share EVERYTHING. :-)

upstate -- that made me laugh. I'd love to carpool (since I love NY; logged a lot of time in Rochester from '04 through early last year) but methinks that might be one hell of a commute! I hope you regain your faculties soon. I wouldn't wish this on anyone.

kspin -- I usually get sick, too! Stress is also hell on the immune system. I started to get a cold, even lost my voice for a day. Still have a cough but most everything else has cleared up.

Ann said...

Aw girly - I fought insomnia for 10 years and even had to take meds for a few years. Now I take Melatonin (natural) and it does actually help. Pick some up, try it, take it each night for at least 3 weeks to get back on track. You can get it at Target, Walgreens, wherever. :)

NV said...

Ann -- I've had sleep issues since birth. Tried variety of natural remedies over the years. some work better than others, but always temporarily.

When I REALLY need to sleep ... Benadryl.

Anonymous said...