Saturday, September 20, 2008

Neighbor Exchange

In more than 22 years at This D*mn House, only one neighbor hasn't changed. And that may be changing soon.

The B Family, who live caticornered across the street, have been in their home for around 30 years. But a company relocation may whisk them away to the southwest. That remains to be seen.

More of a sure thing is the house directly across the street. They put a for sale sign in the yard a few weeks ago. They bought the house about six or seven years ago. They're the third owner since we've been here.

All afternoon there has been a steady stream of traffic over there, apparently friends I don't recognize and family that I do. One car drove up and homeowner Mrs. P pulled out throw pillows, a lamp and a big vase. A little while later, she and Mr. P cleaned out the trunk of another car, emptying it of tons of fresh mums which now adorn the front steps.

Like I said, busy place today. And finally, the crowning touch which confirmed what I'd suspected all along: an open house sign was placed next to the for sale sign. So, looks like they're expecting to see some folks tomorrow.

It will be interesting to see how they fare. They tried unsuccessfully last year to sell the house on their own (FSBO)in a vain attempt to buy my great aunt and uncle's house next door (on the other side of the Ps, now home to country music from hell).

It always makes me a little nervous when nearby properties go on the market. We've been through it plenty. Twice on one side, once on the other. And twice at each of two of the three properties across the street. I always think of Forrest Gump and his infamous box o' chocolates: You never know what you gonna git.

A nice, good-lookin', 40-ish single straight guy wouldn't be hard to take ...


Vicki said...

Now, that's something I can pray about for ya. I'll pray that he doesn't like country as well ;)

Jayne said...

A nice, good-looking, 40ish single straight guy who has lots of home improvement experience and will help you for free. If you're gonna dream, dream big. =)

Why S? said...

. . . straight guy with a tool belt but no baggage.

StuccoHouse said...

Lol...I learned that when wishing for new, single, 40's, male neighbors you also have to specify "non-engaged" to the powers that be. Or you will get what I got, a single guy that got married to his fiance shortly thereafter. Technically what I asked for; not quite what I had in mind. Lesson learned. Be very specific.

NV said...

OK. thanks ladies. Let's say EVERYTHING all of you said plus ... would it hurt if he were an English or history professor? (Jayne, you said to dream big! And you're absolutely right. No more dudes for me you can't handle home improvement basics.)

AND HE HAS TO LOVE ANIMALS. (That's a deal-breaker.)

But I'm not picky or anything. :-)

Anonymous said...