Thursday, September 25, 2008

Washed Ashore

The weather has been SO glorious this week. I wish it would stay this way year-round. I’ve been trying to make the most of it. Every day at lunch, I’ve been going for a walk.

I’ve gone to find Lewis and Clark each day and I’ve chosen a historic building or two to try and take some shots of for future posts and to just play with some interesting angles and light. Yesterday was no exception. I walked down to the Landing to visit the resident explorers. Here’s the latest. (Sorry if you’re getting sick of seeing these photos.)

Pretty soon their boat will look like it’s actually floating on the river instead of sinking into it! That’s the picture I want.

I also spied where some of the cobblestone walkway (often used for parking) has now emerged from the river. The river fell about 4 more feet on Wednesday.

While still damp, this section remains intact.

This one, however, seems to have taken a beating.
(I like this photo. It has a lot of colors and textures in it, with a dash of light and shadow thrown in for good measure.) Kind of funny how the cobblestones just congregated there.

I’m enjoying my little daily sojourns, but I think I’m becoming architecturally obsessed. I notice all kinds of buildings and all kinds of features on these buildings (some of which I’ve seen a thousand times in my life) that I never noticed before. (Background music: KT Tunstall’s “Suddenly I See.”) I was talking about this with my bus mother who asked: “So why didn’t you become an architect?”

An architect? Now there’s a job choice I readily admit that had never occurred to me. There’s probably a good reason. Beyond basic math, which I’m surprisingly good at for a writer, my mathematical skills suck. And when measurements aren’t precise, angles don’t quite align, and other important calculations go awry, buildings fall down. People get hurt or die.

Um, yeah. Really good reasons. I think I’ll stick to documenting the showpieces of some of the masters. I have a whole new level of appreciation for their work.