Thursday, September 24, 2009

Beseeching the Rain

Rain, rain go away.
Do NOT fall on Saturday.

My sagging carport needs a lift.
Dry weather would be such a gift!

It really REALLY would be best
If you would head out of the Midwest.

Now stop being such a beast
And quit picking on the poor southeast!

Go and hit the southwest folk.
The desert could always use a soak.

You can surely come back later on
After, of course, I’ve mowed my lawn.

I’ll be generous and give you today
And even tomorrow – then be on your way.

Please go and plague some other sky
And leave my driveway warm – and dry.


Vicki said...

Very clever! I wish it would rain in DC. It's been threatening for the past month, but all we'll get is a couple of drops.

Why S? said...

Rain, rain please come our way,
put out the fires that burn L.A.

MonkeyGirl said...

When the rain stopped on a lark,
I mowed the grass in the dark.
We most certainly share the brain,
and are wishing for no more rain!

NV said...

I have the most clever and talented readers and commenters EVER. LOVE these!

Anonymous said...