Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Fall=Contest Season?

Maybe fall brings out the competitive spirit in DIYers.

I’ve gotten two invitations in as many days to enter DIY contests. And, I’m waiting for One Project Closer’s just-ended Before and After ’09 competition to move to the next level. (I’ll be a contender in the latter. And, I’ll be asking for your vote.)

I guess I’ll also be a contender in the other two as well. The first invite came yesterday from (not to be confused with This Old House’s Web site which, I admittedly did at first). They’re giving away a $250 Lowe’s card and the chance to be a paid contributor on their site. What dedicated DIYer could pass that up? Not me! They’re looking for the best blog via a single project entry. You can get other details on the competition here.

The second invitation came today from You can enter a project (or several if you want) in 17 different categories. A $100 prize will go out in each category with each category winner then competing for a $1,000 grand prize. Sound intriguing? Check it out here.

Are the crisp fall air and changing colors churning your Type-A juices? Guess I’ll see you at the starting line…


Debbie said...

I've been getting all of those invitations the past week too, 3 to be exact. Do they get our emails from HouseBlogs?

I don't have anything to enter yet. Darn! lol

Why S? said...

It sounds like you either have to decide to spend all your time working on your house or entering contests.

Thanks for the notice. Don't know if I'll enter, but I'll enjoy the before and after photos of others.

NV said...

Debbie -- Not sure where they're all coming from. Oh, you've got some time to get entries together. And you'll have something to enter before you know it!

Why -- Yeah. It can get time-consuming. But, I figure if I'm going to write a blog entry anyway, why not? Those gift cards can really come in handy! Good luck if you do decide to enter.

Anonymous said...