Friday, September 25, 2009

Dear Ndugu

Dear Ndugu,
Today is Friday and I'm awfully glad it is. Since you're only 6, you probably can't appreciate the importance of Friday since you don't have a job. Or do you? I know that some cultures start children working at a very early age. I feel like I have been working forever. Sometimes, some of the snot-nosed kids I work with make it very hard not to want to slap them, but you don't need to hear about that.

Sometimes, I swear this blog must read like one continuous Warren Schmidt “Dear Ndugu” rant, so I’m always both humbled and amazed that you come here. Some of you even come back!

It’s always fun for me to see just how or what gets some of you here. Every once in a while I like to share that with you as I think some of the searches (Google and Yahoo!) are hilarious.

For the vast majority, it’s a split between and just coming directly to the site.

The other huge draw is product reviews. I continue to get hits EVERY DAY from my take on the Twin Draft Guard, Arrow rivet tool, and Kobalt Utility knives. That tells me that I need to do a few new reviews! Oh – and that “pimped shed” of mine remains popular, too. Coming up in the charts are searches for grout (both black and white) and hex tiles. Chris Botti is getting me some hits, too.

But here are some odd ones and the posts they landed on:
forced to work for habitat for humanity by my employer?
"carole weed" (I never DID figure out where this took them to)
removing stairs in middle of house
Charles Bronson’s mother (yes, we even have an entry for that at This D*mn House)

Regardless of how you get here, I’m glad you do. While I blog for me, you sure make it a whole lot more fun!