Saturday, September 26, 2009

Pearl's House

It's threatening rain. I hope that "threaten" is as far as it gets. (The Weather Channel says a 50 percent chance of rain. So, maybe. Maybe not.)

Lawrence will be here soon. The plan is to work on Pearl's portion of This D*mn House: the carport. To help make that happen, there is currently 350 pounds of concrete in Ladybird's trunk!

I visited Home Depot last night to get the concrete and met a cute guy shopping in the mortar aisle who couldn't help himself but ask the obvious after spying seven bags of concrete on my flat cart. "Pouring concrete?"

I couldn't help myself but reply with a smartass answer: as I generally do when asked the obvious. "Actually, I've got a list of people who I'm not too happy with right now. I thought I might make them some shoes." He didn't immediately get the joke. *Sigh* I am so misunderstood.

So I grinned and gave in. "Yes. Pouring concrete."

"Doing it yourself?"

"Sort of. I have help."

"You know how to pour concrete?" OK. Here it comes. I started to pull my cart away.

"I know enough about it. I do a little bit of everything except electricity."

"Really? I do electricity. So what are you doing?"

I briefly explained today's plans. He in turn explained a bad situation with a gas line. I explained that I had already had the joy of installing a gas line (when we converted the fireplace last year)wished him luck and headed for the check-out. He was behind me in line.

"If you can wait a minute I can help you with that," he says, jerking a thumb at my sizeable load.
I politely thanked him for the offer but said I could handle it. (Had it not been for the wedding band, I may have loaded the car much more slowly.) By the time he emerged, I was pushing the cart back to the door.

I should have told Mr. Mortar I have way more than help. I wish you could see the dopplar radar right now and the way the rain is doing this weird shift. It was raining at the airport a little while ago, with rain headed right at us. But now? The sun is shining through the clouds,

Lawrence really DOES have the number to the weather hotline.


StuccoHouse said...

Men at Home Depot make me laugh. I once was in the roofing dept. and hear some rustling behind me. I was trying to find some roofing sealant, so I ignored the noise. I finally heard footsteps behind me and a little shove on my shoulder...then feet shuffling backwards. I turned around to find two men wringing their hands and giggling like little girls. One asked me in a breathy voice if I worked in construction. Lol. I didn't have the heart to let them down, so I said "kind of." They said "cool" and then stood and watched me walk down the aisle. I felt briefly like a rock star (if that start did construction). Not quite sure what the deal is....

NV said...

Stucco -- What IS it about tools and cars specifically -- not to mention independent women -- that really tend to bring out the worst in some men? What? We can't leave the kitchen? (As if I'd be any use there.) :-)

Anonymous said...