Sunday, September 27, 2009


I'm still sore from yesterday but managed to eke out a full roster today anyway.

*Wash Pearl. Check.
*Mow lawn. Check.
*Put lemon oil on tools used yesterday and put away. Organize other items in shed. Check.
*Remove remaining concrete from Ladybird's trunk and stow in shed. Check.
*Load clippings and take to dump. Check.

Pearl had an admirer at the car wash today. I was drying her off when over my shoulder I hear: "That's a good looking Cadillac."

This started a brief conversation with Steve. Favorite line from this discussion: "Did your husband buy that for you?" Second favorite line: "What size engine -- or do you know?" (No, I just plunked down a sizeable chunk of change on a vehicle and have no clue about its engine power.) He got bonus points for smooth delivery on my favorite line. The second favorite, not so much.

Way to go, dude. He wasn't as cute as Home Depot guy anyway.


Debbie said...

Haha... why is it that people assume that most women aren't capable of buying their own cars and houses?

I was actually told this line:

'I seen the new SUV in your driveway and was trying to see who bought it for you'

I would be old and gray if I waited around for a guy to buy me something!

I'm glad Pearl is all nice and pretty now.

Victoria said...

I was on the market for a new car about a year ago, and decided to do a little shopping and my husband went with me.

The car salesman wouldn't even acknowledge I was the one who was purchasing the car. He kept talking to my husband. When I did try and talk about the engine, and safety and durability and all that- he actually said ' Don't worry about it honey just pick a color.'

Needless to say I still have my truck and that guy most likely went home wondering at how a woman knows so many foul words. HAHA

karen said...

I have a tool box on the back of my Ford F150 extended cab V6 stick shift pickup that I bought when I got divorced many years ago. Anyway guys always ask me what does your husband carry in his tool box.Or Why do you drive your husbands truck. Stupid stuff like that.

Karen Anne said...

Free association post - I was shopping for a replacement air filter for my forty year old Mustang a few days ago. It has a 250 cu in engine. Who knew they list engine sizes in liters now, even for older cars...that's how out of date I am.

Fortunately there are cu. inches to liter converters on the web, because that is not, like, at my fingertips.

StuccoHouse said...

My car was hit & totaled a few years ago. I had the insurance check & needed to buy a new car asap. Went with my dad to a local lot. Salesguy would only talk to my dad. I was overly pissed off & started just walking around the lot while they chatted. I was beyond ticked at my dad when I walked back up to them....and heard him say "interesting chat, Chuck. However, it's my daughter that's buying the car today so you wasted your time selling to the wrong person..and she looks ready to go." Bless my dad's heart.

Kris said...

NV - you are killing me! Twice in a week and both times nothing else happens? lol

I had a guy call from Chemlawn one day and when I told him I wasn't interested he asked if he could speak to "the man of the house". Let's just say he got an earful.

Keep doing your thing!

MonkeyGirl said...

Poor Mr. Monkeygirl has earned that name because most of the major purchases in our household were driven my me. Since most people have my full name and only his first name, they assume "monkeygirl" is his last name - and he hates it!

NV said...

Debbie -- I know. It's a peeve of mine and I probably overreact to these scenarios as a result.

Victoria -- Grrrrr.

Karen -- As if a woman has no need of a truck. MonkeyGirl, feel free to chime in here. :-)

Karen Anne -- Yeah, but that's different than someone suggesting outright that you have no clue what you're driving. :-)

Stucco -- Hilarious! Served his dumb a** right! Go, dad!

Kris -- Yeah, tell me about it. :-)
I guess there's some consolation in that they still notice, but geez, based on WHAT is noticing, I'd prefer they didn't!

MG -- Well, you know how I feel about that -- I think it's ridiculous to have to give up your name to start with. So, I guess he then gets the idea of what it would be like to give up your name!

Anonymous said...