Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Two Words

I find it ironic that on the very day that is the unofficial holiday of the DIYer that my luck would suck so badly. It began in the wee hours, with me finishing the grout on the bathroom tile. It’s done, but … and this is a butt that would rival the size of JLo’s.

But, there’s those two words that no DIYer ever wants to hear: grout haze.

I’m not sure why, when I managed to avoid it my first time out. Except maybe that by putting enough water in this time, I was spreading it a bit too liberally. Too liberally for even my extra sponge and the many many gallons of clean water I kept going to contend with.

I also think it was warmer in the house – and drier. We’d actually managed to start drying out from day after day of downpours. That’s all I can think. Who knows? When it comes to grouting hex tile or any tile involving black grout, I've got two more words: Never again.

Suffice it to say that it was very disappointing. I spent more than an hour yesterday trying different remedies to remove it but all I managed to do was to screw up the grout in a place or two instead. So, now I’ll have to wait at least 10 days and get some kind of acid to try and remove it. Unless anyone has any other good suggestions.

So, having a dry day, I figured I had better get the lawn mowed. The mower made one pass and promptly died. I knew it wasn’t out of gas, but figured it had gotten clogged by some wet grass. When I took off the bagger, it was all clear. What the hell?

It restarted again but promptly died. And then would never restart. Stan the Lawnmower Man wasn’t at home, so I need to keep an eye out for him . I was so hoping I could get through this season as a new mower is already on next year’s list!

Here’s hoping your holiday was infinitely less frustrating and more productive than mine.


Victoria said...

Ha. My weekend looked to be right about on par with yours. Some holiday, sheesh.

As for the dreaded grout haze, when I retiled my mothers bathroom, we had a little grout haze and we actually found a product that helped us to get rid of it.


It worked well for me- but if I were you before I did anything I would call the tile manufacturer and make sure its safe to use on my tile.

Re-tiling sucks period, but i hope this makes it a little better. For as much as I hate tiling, I have dreams about ripping up the linoleum in my dirty little hole of a bathroom. :)

kaypasa2001 said...

As for your mower, maybe it's a spark plug.

plumbelieve said...

Hey, better than a purple haze or a brown heavy haze, huh?

NV said...

Victoria -- I'm making progress with an SOS and Clorox wipes!

KayO -- Turns out it was something with the carbeureter.

PB -- I suppose.

Anonymous said...