Sunday, September 13, 2009

Grout Haze Grind

I didn't give up on my bathroom floor. I've tried things little by little and seem to finally have hit upon a winning combination: SOS pad (used in moderation) followed by a Clorox wipe and then a buffing with a cotton cloth.

I'm not done yet but making progress. I'll let you decide if it's working. There are about five different spots where I have deemed the haze "really bad." Here's one just inside the door.

It's one of the parts that I have focused on because it is just inside the door -- marring the beauty of the rest of the floor at first glance. Here's what I've managed to do thus far.


Anonymous said...

The floor looks great. You might try comet . But be careful my sister-in-law used it on my mom's counter-top and it took off all the shine. It is clean but no shine.

Theo Hill said...


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Why S? said...

You have the patience of a saint. But it looks good.

Karen Anne said...

That floor area looks totally fixed, from the photo anyway.

As to the noshine, I've lost the shine on my bathroom countertop, and I read that some car polishing/buffing compound can restore it. I don't recollect the details.

Anonymous said...



Kris said...

NV - I'm behind on my reading of the blogs, so excuse my suggestion if you've already tried it - but what about the Mr. Clean "eraser" sponge? I took off some stuff from the wall just the other day that wouldn't move with anything else AND the paint stayed on.

The floor is GORGEOUS by the way. You did yourself proud.

NV said...

Alzheimersandmom -- Thanks! I'm staying away from the comet and using the SOS conservatively. So far, so good.

Theo -- I'm not in the industry by any stretch but I'll definitely check out your site.

Why -- Nope, not me. No patience, sainthood or martyrdom. I have the determination of a DIY warrior. :-)

Karen anne -- Someone at work mentioned car polish when I get it clean. Said it would pick up any dullness I may have inadvertently caused.

Michele -- Thank you. I'm really pleased.

Kris -- Great idea and one of the first things I tried! We LOVE those erasers around here. (It DID work to take grout off the woodwork though!)

Thanks. I'll just be happy when it's done. :-)

Anonymous said...