Thursday, September 10, 2009

Ugg Boy

Considering that I just didn’t feel like writing anything about This D*mn House this morning – and didn’t – I figure why ruin a good thing? I’ll keep with that theme today, only this time, share some photos I couldn’t help but snap the other night while waiting for the bus.

Bus mother and I saw this pair coming from quite a distance away. “Aw, look at him in shorts and cowboy boots,” the bus mother said, laughing. But the closer they got – on this 87-degree day – I realized that those weren’t cowboy boots at all. They were Uggs!

As they crossed the street and then started walking away from us, I was stricken by the image of the little Ugg Boy and the way he interacted with his mother. So, I had to get the camera out.

It’s just these kinds of visuals that have me carrying a camera every day. I don’t like to think, “Gee, I wish I’d gotten a photo of that.” And before buying a new camera earlier this year, I did just that. A lot.