Tuesday, September 8, 2009

If At First You Don’t Succeed

You’ve heard the old adage. Well, since I’ve got a blue streak of stubborn at the very core of my being, I’m not even about to give up and go the acid route on the bathroom floor – yet .

Even though my right hand and wrist are in a wicked state, I’m still going to try another round of remedies to remove that d*mn grout. I’ve already tried vinegar/water, baking soda, baking soda and vinegar, all of the preceding with a nylon scrubby, and Mr. Clean erasers. None of these worked very well, if at all.

So, last night I found a variety of other things to try including:
· Clorox wipes
· Windex
· SOS pad
· CLR/Limeaway

All of these things supposedly have worked for other people in similar circumstances. We happen to have ALL of these in the house … somewhere. I’m planning to try each one on the tile behind the sink, the area that’s the worst (because I missed it in the initial wipedown and it’s more than just haze there, it’s pretty well covered.) Depending on the result, I’ll then try it on some of the tiles that will be more than half-covered with quarter-round.

If none of those work, I’ll resort to buying some items. I’ll start with a pumice stick (which doesn’t appear to be very different from what you use on your feet) or a Doodlebug scrubbing kit. (I think I can just buy the pads for this but I’m not sure.)

OK, grout, you may have won the battle. You haven’t won the war.


Karen Anne said...

I would try calling the grout manufacturer, then the tile manufacturer as well. The first should know what would deal with the grout, and the second hopefully knows if that would damage the tile...

Victoria said...

what ever you do. Don't use the pumice stick. you will damage your tiles surface. trust me on that one!

using acid isn't really that bad, and it makes the job so much easier!

Anonymous said...