Friday, September 25, 2009

My Two Cents

I’m going to qualify this entry by saying right off that as a general rule I like JC Penney. We have managed to buy quite a bit from them over the years, most of it household and decorative items.

Almost always we’ve been happy with what we’ve gotten. Since we do get things there with some regularity, we are ALWAYS getting mini-catalogs from them, emails offering free shipping (followed up with postcards doing the same), and sometimes even phone surveys.

So, when the latest little sales flyer came and the mother found something she wanted – quickly producing a free shipping postcard that had arrived a day later – I thought nothing of it. The free shipping, however, was on an order of $75 or more. The mother thought it was $50. (Her item of choice was $49.99.)

“Well, I could get a new rug for the kitchen,” she says. OK. Whatever. I place the order online. Before I can finish, I get one of those nasty little red notes.

Your order amount does not qualify for free shipping. Huh? I stare at the screen. My order total: $74.98.

Two cents under. Seriously? You’re going to withhold a discount over TWO CENTS? Most places give you leeway when you get within a coin or two. Apparently, JC Penney is not one of them. Angered by their pettiness, I canceled the order.

But, this was the mother’s order. And she decided she wanted the rug. So she got the next size at $10 more. “Sucker,” I told her, glad that it wasn’t me paying for it. Because if it had been, they’d just have been out of a sale.

And that's my two cents.


karen said...

I agree with you. Let them keep there stuff. I used to order from JC Pennys every christmas but no money now. No more charging for me. I want to but I am being good.

Vicki said...

I haven't actually seen a site that does the leeway thing. Although, I don't shop online as much as I'd like). If you were talking to a person then you might have more of a chance since it's not just a computer program. Still, you got a new rug and you didn't pay for it ;)

NV said...

Karen -- Yep. Luckily though not me buyin' it!

Vicki -- I've had it happen a few times. I think you have to be within 5 cents though.

Anonymous said...