Saturday, July 26, 2008

Another Workin' Day

Lawrence couldn't come today to finish the fence, so I had already decided days ago to get crackin' on the porch and walkway. The plan:

*Finish the perimeter bricks, making the porch essentially DONE
*Get the first landscape forms in place
*Start putting down gravel and sand (if I get to the bricks)
*Mow the yard (It's tall as I didn't get to this last weekend except for the little patch I did Wednesday to prep for the fence)

Ideally, I might actually get some bricks down today, but I won't hold my breath. Since it's going to rain tomorrow and maybe multiple days next week, I'm going to try to do the walkway a section at a time, leaving in place the heavy gauge plastic that's out there now -- and has stopped LOTS of rain from saturating the now bare ground -- on whatever sections I don't get to.

That's my plan anyway. First, I have to motivate myself to get dressed! I've just been puttering around and Twittering and petting Oz (who I neglected much of last night). He's too cute. Currently smashed up against my hip as I type.

I was hoping to be bloggin' about winning a True Value gift card from, but as I've not been notified, I guess it wasn't me. If you have, CONGRATS! Spend it well.

I was pretty happy though to see that Charles and Hudson picked up on the contest and I'm proud to say that This D*mn House was among the entries they cited. *grinning*


Jayne said...

I'm having the same problem today--just can't get motivated. And of course my fur babies are always ready to play & look cute in an effort to keep me in the house. :o)

Ann said...

I've been "Puttering and Twittering" too. And as I read that, I had to laugh that Twittering is really now both a verb, and an activity!

NV said...

Ladies, I think yesterday was a day best spent puttering and twittering ... though I'd have just felt guilty since the weather was good and i've been complaining so much about that.

Anonymous said...