Saturday, July 5, 2008

Hell's Shrubbery, Be Gone!

And so, my wish is to be granted! I am happy to report that after making an argument that rivals anything Clarence Darrow, F. Lee Bailey or Johnnie Cochran ever made, the shrubs are history!

Or they will be. Tomorrow.

Most Excellent Friend Chele volunteered hubby to remove Satan's shrubs. Being a most excellent husband, he agreed.

And while historically, the mother would never go for it, I made the case one more time. As a result, I am writing two things on the calendar. First, her admission that I am right about something. (The bushes are too overgrown and unruly. We need to start over.) and Two, I get my way. I want them gone -- and they are going. I'm still woozy with the shock of it.

Carole is still very reticent about uprooting these evil overgrowths. And, I admit, killing a living thing doesn't sit well with me either. But, at the same time, it's hard to conceal my glee. *happy dancing ensues* I HATE THOSE BUSHES! And soon they will be gone.

I rule.

(With some help from the greatest of friends.)


Anonymous said...


I remember though a talk from a safety guy once. He recommended planting prickly bushes by your windows to deter people from wanting to enter said windows. It's a give and take.

NV said...

Good thought, but the bushes in question are at least six feet from the windows on a four-lane roadway! So, i'm not worried about losing any safety. :-)