Friday, July 4, 2008

The Porch: Part 1

Well, folks, don't try to adjust that screen -- the first part of the porch IS COVERED!!! It's not complete, but it IS completely covered. I even started on Part 2 late this afternoon. It was very exciting, after nearly three weeks of pretty consistent work.

I had planned to take the day off, but I'm glad I didn't. It was SO gorgeous out that I would only have been cursing myself for wasting such awesome weather. Mom even felt well enough to go outside and work. She had to pull weeds. (All this chaos here and the woman is obsessed with weeds. Lord, please let me never get to that point.)

It was less than 80, sunny, with an occasional breeze. An absolutely idyllic day for outside work. I am so grateful after all of the funky weather of late. (Including downpours which soaked me to the skin while trying to get home yesterday.I even had to wring out my unders!)

Tomorrow, I will get as far as I can on the second part of the porch (hopefully that is done) and then I will mortar it and the last part of Part One. Then it's onto the sidewalk ...


Anonymous said...

Looks very good!

I spent my last night in Missouri trying to run from the movie theater to the car in that rain storm. It was like a hurricane in the middle of MO. Our unders were soaked too :)

Dee said...

Wow, NV, what amazing progress! You frighten me with your energy and dedication. It looks great!

Anonymous said...

It's beautiful - and is that TWO layers of bricks I see on the edge there? If so, that's crazy dedication :)

NV said...

V -- Sounds like we got hit by the same system! Thanks. I'm likin' it.

KayO -- Thanks. I'm paying with interest today for all that "energy and dedication."

J -- Thanks! And yes, the outer rim is two bricks' deep. (A good union man counseled me to do this.)