Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Some Quick Stats

The Fence
Number of Days 'Til the New Fence Goes Up: 7 (including today)
Percent of Rain Chance Forecast for July 23: 10
Number of Panels Going Up: 8
Number of Poles Going Up: 10
Percent Chance That Lawrence Will Be Well Enough to Proceed: 95

The Walkway
Percent of Rain Chance Forecast for This Weekend: 20 on Saturday, 10 on Sunday
Chance That It Will Rain Both Days Anyway: 70 percent
Number of Concrete Slabs Left to Remove: 5
Chance That I'll Pay Someone $600 to Do It: 0 percent
Chance That I'll Finish the Porch This Weekend: 95 percent
Chance That I'll Ever Finish the Walkway: 50 percent
Chance That I'll Ride the New Cart Before Putting Supplies on It: 100 percent


Ty'sMommy said...

HA HA! Seriously, I wish I could come down and help you beat those concrete slabs to death. I feel your pain, I truly do.

Oh, and I think you should post a picture of you riding the cart! lol

Anonymous said...

Chance that Vicki would ever tackle something like this? 5.68273%

Chance that the cart would be ridden around like an adult big wheel: 100.

NV said...

Aw, T'smom, that is SO sweet. :-) And I'm glad you figured out that you have an Ace nearby. Hope you get you one.

V-- That cracked me up! You are one person though that could probably use it as much as you move and all. And it folds up pretty small.

Anonymous said...