Thursday, July 10, 2008

Kudos to the Blog, Part 2

I decided that there was just too much to be shared in a single post, so I split the award honorees up. Please display your E and honor 10 other blogs! (Or, at least honor SOMEBODY!) Having said that, let's move on to my Es:
Not So SAHM -- Vicki is spending her first week in the South after packing up and moving from the Midwest, with two small girls and two cats in tow. And she's blogging. Regularly. There almost should be some kind of medal for that. Vicki's two girls -- and baby Ashlyn in particular -- usually get me laughing as she shares her adventures as mom/business owner.
Whimfield -- Another of our neighbors north of the border. Laura-Jane's garden photos make me wish I had a green thumb. And, she is slowwwwly transforming Cameron into a tool junkie. Folks after my own heart!
Stealth Geeks Obsess -- The septic system saga, spurring poop on a stick, has been both sad and hilarious. And with six kids running around … OH! And it's a blog by three gals and their mom, with a hobby. (A hobby not related to poop on a stick.) What's not to like?
House on Red Hill -- First of all, anyone whose handle is Why … And one of my favorite recent things? The photo dubbed "Deck Chairs with Shop Vac." It's SO very DIYer with its subject AND in its environment. And it really made me laugh.
Dogs and Jen -- Jen's saga of the Cabinet Guy is reason enough for an honor. She's smart, witty, and resourceful, too. After CG and an ant invasion, figured she could use a happy post!
Tiny Old House -- Jennifer's battle to get back to the bricks has been intriguing. It's heartening to watch this little place get so much love and TLC. And now, she's trusting all of us to pick accent colors.
Foxcroft -- Love to watch Mike's progress and I really enjoy the history behind the house which he frequently highlights in a then and now fashion. But since history is part of his job, I guess it's a natural.
Stucco House -- I seem to be on some kind of a parallel with StuccoHouse. She's fixing sidewalks. I'm destroying them. She's salvaging trees. I'm pulling 'em out. My favorite thing of late: the detailed restoration of the ancient Tappan. COOL!
A Cotterpin House -- D not only keeps a great blog but the PHOTOS …Artistic and talented. You gotta love it. And holds the same view I do on to-do lists where the house is concerned. DON'T do them!
St. Louis Folk Victorian -- And last, but certainly not least, I had to get someone in a little closer to home. It's Kristy who not only is restoring her home, but has the time and energy to quilt and garden, too. Ah, youth!!!

And, during the past few weeks the blog has had visitors from all over the world. From Australia to Zimbabwe (OK not Zimbabwe, but both Botswana and Tanzania) we've had visitors stopping by. Multiple parts of England, Italy, Greece, France, Japan, South America, Bahrain, Israel, even Russia -- all represented in the visitor logs! And that's just SOME of the countries! Some of these folks have even come back. I'm both flattered and honored .


Jennifer said...

Trust? I don't think there is trust here... I just think you all will mess it up LESS bad than I will! :) Thanks for the nod!

NV said...

Jennifer -- You're very welcome. And here I thought you trusted us. :-)

Kristy said...

Thanks for the recognition. It's funny, after I read what you said about "youth"...I figured I'd better update my about me.

Was: Twenty-something Girl
Now: Almost 30 Girl

Hope I can keep up with my previous youth once I've hit that milestone.

Anonymous said...

Wow- Thanks so much for the shout-out! The blog-admiration is mutual!

NV said...

Kristy -- It wouldn't matter. Even when you hit that "milestone" you'll still be a young'n. Thirty anything sounds good at this point. :-)

D - You're welcome. And thanks. ;-)

StuccoHouse said...

Hey, thanks for the nice words. Just one little correction stuccohouse=her :-)

Putting in sidewalks looks to be a lot easier than taking them out!

NV said...

Humblest of apologies, StuccoHouse. I would be the last person to slight a fellow female DIYer. That said, corrections have been made. And you're very welcome. Love your blog!

and sidewalk removal is a real beeotch!

Why S? said...

ok, I've been totally asleep at the wheel on this - must be the steady diet of vodka, cat hair and construction dust.

Thank you so much for the recognition. It's nice to know I'm not just spending my time typing for my own amusement.

NV said...

Nope, Why. I'm followin' ya. Lost it on the recent Die Yuppie Scum. And marveled at your royals collection. (Gotten many pieces for my mom who LOVES the stuff.)