Saturday, July 12, 2008

I Hate R-A-I-N!

I beat Mother Nature at her own game today. I didn't even try to get anything done. Afternoon thunderstorms were in the forecast and I didn't want to chance getting started and being mid-project when they arrived. Especially since I need to mortar in my perimeter bricks and fill in the gaps with mortar.

She didn't disappoint. Ol' Mother kicked in showers just as I pulled into my driveway.

Instead, I spent the afternoon shopping with my mother. And, there was an especially silver lining in the cloud that impeded my progress. I ran into very dear friend CD at Wal-Mart. She had her two boys and her parents in tow! It was great to visit with C, see her mom again, and marvel at how those boys are growing. Absolutely incredible. Her eldest is off to camp next week and "the baby" will start kindergarten next month. Wow.

So, in about three and half hours, we went to Wal-Mart, spent a few minutes visiting, strolled through Kohl's (bought cute sandals I can wear to work), dashed through two grocery stores, went to Lowe's and bought 100 more bricks and a new exhaust fan for the bathroom (and used the last of my $10 coupons), picked up dinner at 54th Street Grill and got back home.

Tomorrow is supposed to be gorgeous with a high of 84 degrees. That means mowing the lawn, and, ideally, FINISHING THE PORCH and starting the walkway. I guess we'll see how it goes.


Jayne said...

I hate rain, too! Darnit, I had plans today. At least you got some really cute shoes. I just scraped wallpaper in the living room and played with the dog.

Dee said...

I love rain. *superstitious*

MonkeyGirl said...

I think it is my fault! I seem to bring record breaking heat to any city I visit and then rain follows me home. Let me know when you need a rain free period and I will convince my boss to send me away!

Anonymous said...

The rain has been impeding our pool visits. But I think we need it down here.

LOVE the shoes. Those are cute!

NV said...

Thanks, ladies. At least the visit with a friend and the cute sandals made losing a day of progress worth it!

KayO - I grew up with a half-Irish grandmother who was superstitious about everything. I never remember anything about rain though.

MG - Nah. It's not you. It's just my luck. Besides, I wouldn't want to send you away. :-)

V - Hopefully, the sun will shine for you soon. It would be funky to have a pool you can't use!

Dee said...

My superstitions are sort of "watch out what you wish for" - not things like not walking widdershins around a church or anything. I remember the drought in the Southeast last year. There but for the whims of the prevailing westerlies ... It's easier to get rid of excess water than to make rain.

Dee said...

... and Mother Nature might hear you.

NV said...

KayO -- Tis all true. But I can't mortar in the rain. :-)

Anonymous said...