Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Powerball went unclaimed again Saturday night. That puts tonight’s jackpot at $75 million. Million. M + illion, 75 times. Gulp.

That’s a figure that has almost too many zeros in it for me to contemplate. It’s fun though to think of all the things you would do, all the things you could do, with that kind of money. Here’s one thought: You could buy this house outright. It was the most expensive ever put on the market until these babies jumped on the bandwagon and passed it up.

Even though it has its own moviehouse, bowling alley, and car collection (vintage Corvettes), it’s a little too much the Flintstones meets the Jetsons for my taste. So, of course, I’d have to remodel. Just think of all the tools you could buy!

I think I could qualify for a home equity loan to cover it …

And you know all that celebrity spending? The $10,000+ handbags and multi-million-dollar parties? Well, here’s some folks who don’t have to dream about having that much money. They already do. But you won’t see them turning loose of their cash for such frivolities any time soon.

Still, I’m thinking this set from “the other half” can’t be living too badly.


Jayne said...

Well, now I KNOW I'm not a material person--I didn't like the $75M house, either! Oh, I'd like to be invited there for the weekend, maybe, to swim in the saltwater pool. So if you win the Powerball & buy the house, remember lil ole me. =)

Anonymous said...

Would you invite all your bloggy friends (even us OPBs) to the new pad? Why are all those houses for sale? My guess is those people are already bored with them and want to move onto the next best thing. Money isn't the key to happiness and they haven't figured it out yet. Thankfully those celebrities you linked to in the article know this (somewhat).

NV said...

You know you're ALL invited! V - you could go bowling without Wii!

And Jayne, I'm sure you could help me overhaul the place. :-)

Anonymous said...