Friday, July 25, 2008

The Never Ending Story

“You know what I just thought of? I wonder what would happen if someday, for some reason - you ended up in a new house. WHAT then? Who would you be? I wondered if you'd build cool furniture, start a garden...or...would you secretly break crap in your new house, just so you fix it?”Ann

My YT buddy Ann left me that comment this morning. And, I’ve thought about it all day. Mostly I’ve thought about it because it was already on my mind. One thing that wouldn't happen: there will be no gardens.

When everything’s done with the house, would the blog have a point anymore? thought I. And then here’s this comment from Ann asking essentially the same thing. Since I love the blog, and in spite of all my b*tching, I have a love/hate relationship with this house. I start to love it a little more when I look around at my completed and mostly completed projects (the paint job, the LR/DR floor, the porch, now the fence.)

On mornings like today though, I HATE ITS GUTS!

Then, I remembered one essential piece of flawed logic in that theory: This house will never be done. Not really, totally and completely done. My mother will never allow it to be. It’s just her nature. By the time one round of things is done, she’ll already be on to the next. In fairness, there’s a lot of stuff here that needs doing. The rest of it? It’s all Carole. She’s made it her life’s work. And mine.

And, for the most part, I’m OK with that. Because:

*The house has become an integral part of our relationship. We laugh at it, cry about it, fight over it, discuss it at great length. It has made for some interesting conversations and some funnier than hell stories. I’ve learned a lot about my mother in the process. I think she’s even learned some things from me.
*I rarely admit it, but I actually like that most of the neighborhood can’t stand it. They have to know what we’re doing now. And what’s next. Then they want to know everything about it down to the most minute detail. I won’t tell them everything.
*The house brought me here, literally guided me to this blog. And the blog? Well, it has given me an awesome new way to communicate with those of you that I’ve known for years, some of you for most of my life. And, it has opened a door to a whole bunch of other wonderful people that I don’t get to hang with in 3-D, but that’s fun, too. I wouldn't know you! *shudder* And, there's always planes ...

I’ve decided I like it here. A lot. So when will the house be finished? What will happen to the blog then?

I’m in no hurry to find out.


MonkeyGirl said...

If you didn't have 500 interlocking projects going on at your house, what on earth would you do with your time? You would have to take up some other hobby to fill up your time!!

Ann said...

Oh, that's interesting that I somehow picked up on the thread of what you were thinking. Even IF you somehow moved into some house that needed little work, I still see you doing something very creative, very project oriented - I don't *what*, but it would have to be something, because you're not one to sit still. DIY Network? Habitat for Humanity? I dunno...

And the blog? Yeah, it would HAVE to stay no matter what - it's too much fun! It's part of your "community" - cool, huh? :)

NV said...

MG -- Let's see ... scrapbooking. going places. maybe even have people come here. scrapbooking. A new hobby might be fun. :-) The blog would suffer though.

Ann -- You're so right. I'd LOVE to do Habitat for Humanity again. I'd be much more help this time than the last time I did it. :-)

Anonymous said...

I'm glad your house will never be done. If, somehow, it ever is finished you can blog about going to other people's houses and offering to fix it up for them.

Ty'sMommy said...

You are SO right! There will always be something to work on, and just being here has broadened your social circle, if nothing else. I, for one, am glad you're here! It gives me something fun to read every day and has provided me with moments of inspiration regarding my own never ending project. Thanks for being here!
And, it is so cool that I leanred you like scrapbooking this weekend! If you ever get up my way, you'll have to come to our monthly crop night!

NV said...

Aw, V -- That was TOO sweet. THANKS!

Ty's mom -- Yes! I adore scrapbooking. It's more of a winter sport for me, for obvious reasons. :-) And thanks for the invite. I might just have to take you up on that sometime.

Anonymous said...