Saturday, July 19, 2008

Tip-Toe Through the Tool Aisle

OK. I have officially dispelled the myth that I am a power tool junkie. I'm just a plain ole tool junkie! No cord or battery required.

Case in point: I just stood awestruck staring at a 48-inch pipe wrench. Why would I ever need a 48-inch pipe wrench. Well, I'm hoping to go the rest of my life not needing one. But that's not the point. The point: It's huge. It's to be respected. It captured my attention. And, if I ever did need one ... I could get it at Harbor Freight.

That's right. I was there earlier, not long after they opened. The only woman in the store, save Monique, the young, black cashier. Very nice girl. Working her way through nursing school and introduced a few years ago to home ownership. She seemed surprised to see me amid the die-hard car enthusiasts, some of whom were probably waiting for the doors to open, and the other Weekend Warriors, all male.

When I told her what I was doing, she shook her head. "WOW! I need to learn to do more stuff myself." I offered a little advice. She asked a few questions.

A future houseblogger, maybe?

I planned the trip yesterday. I thought I'd bought a tamper when I created my stone patio a few years back, but, apparently not. So, I needed one of those. And I hoped to get a longer prybar to help try out the alternate plan for ridding myself of the sidewalk.

So, for $30, I got both of those things, a box of 100 thick latex gloves, a roll of nylon rope, and a four-piece gardening handtool set for the mother.

It's been raining again. Just a string of brief showers, but enough to soak everything down. I'm giving it a bit to dry out and hoping that the last little cluster I see on the dopplar is it for the day. I've got work to do!


Anonymous said...

Wow, that seems like a great deal for everything you bought. Do they have cute outdoor working clothes? :)

I just noticed your furfiend pictures. You've got a great family.

NV said...

V -- I thought it was a pretty good price, too! I don't know about the clothes. (Lacking that clotheshorse gene.) I was too mesmerized by the pipe wrench almost as big as me. Thanks! I'm proud of my little menagerie. Slowly adding and changing stuff on the blog. :-)

Ann said...

You are like me in a cooking store, like Sur La Table. It's a sickness. I could be in there ALL DAY and not get bored. I think the clerks despise bc I can go in there, look for hours and then spend $2.50. Beyotch.

NV said...

Ann -- It's definitely a sickness!

Anonymous said...