Tuesday, July 1, 2008


New word, boys and girls. Porchification: The act of experiencing malaise brought on by the handling of hundreds of bricks and playing in mortar, occasionally in a crouched position.

I hustled home from work and got in nearly three hours of work last night. I feel like the bus I rode home on last night splattered me in the street, but I got down to just two rows, including the row of half-bricks! It will take a while to cut those babies, but that's a different day's efforts.

It was hot, but not miserable, and the porch was in the shade completely by the time I got out there. The wind picked up occasionally but was calm for the most part. I even managed to start misting while there was some light left. Makes it much easier when you can see what you’re doing. There wasn't much of a moon but there were tons of lightning bugs. I played with them for a bit. They're so cool.

It was strange to go out this morning and see the one portion almost completely covered. (I’ll try for pictures tomorrow. I’d like to get everything but the half-brick row down first. Otherwise, it might not look that different to you.)

The cutting will slow things, as will digging out the front edge. But with any luck, I can get that done by tomorrow night. That would get me ready to do the smaller part of the porch – and then onward to busting up the sidewalk and building a walkway.

It also means I have to figure out whether to cover the bases of the columns. I think it might look weird to have them exposed, but Carole doesn’t want them covered. (Reminding her that I am a writer, not an engineer, or even a union bricklayer. Those folks would know what to do.)

As Clint Eastwood’s “Dirty Harry” once said: “A man’s got to know his limitations.” Holds true for a woman, too. And this one knows hers. But I've got at least a day or two before I get there. So, while I'm quoting movie lines, I'll steal one from Scarlett O'Hara: "I'll think about that tomorrow."


Anonymous said...

Don't you have a cool new tool that will saw through bricks with the ease of pressing just one finger? Or was that the dream tool?

I'd say the person that owns the house gets to decide what's done with it. Sometimes you have to pull the trump card.

Oh, I've passed along a bloggy award to you. Don't faint. I did and it wasn't pretty.

NV said...

Vicki -- I did indeed buy a cool new tool and it's AWESOME. But, each brick takes about five minutes and I have 20+ to cut. (Ten of those done tonight!) Not hard, but time-consuming. And it does take a toll on your dominant hand after a while ...
And thanks again for the recognition. I'm honored and will take the time to do it right. :-)

Jayne said...

Wah-hoo! Isn't progress great?!

NV said...

Jayne -- Progress is indeed wonderful. Slooooooowwww ... but wonderful. I don't need to tell you about slow-going though. :-)

Anonymous said...