Thursday, July 3, 2008

Our New Fence?

The new Home Depot ad came out today and this stuff is going for about $56/panel. (That doesn't include the posts and fancy Gothic toppers.) Not a bad price though. Carole is on board for now -- 'til she changes her mind.

I need to see what Lawrence is doing next week, or maybe next weekend!

I drove to work today and had to stop for gas on the way home. It was a fortuitous stop, despite the more expensive gas. (I wanted to get gas in Missouri, but the station opposite the bridge was packed. Not worth the fight for a couple bucks.) I ran into my cousin. I'll probably hear all about it from one of my neighbors who saw me uptown kissing on a guy!

He had told me months ago that when the time came to tear down the old fence, he would gladly haul away the old one. Awesome. Something I wouldn't have to worry about after knocking it down.

I filed that offer away, fully planning to cash it in. Now, not only will my adorable, half-Italian cousin (whom we've always affectionately called "Dago") haul it away, he said he had planned all along to bring a backhoe and politely pluck each panel out of the ground and then loft it into a dump truck. Now that is an offer I just can't refuse.

God love ya, Dago.


Jennifer said...

Personally, I'm not a big fan of vinyl fences... they always look cold and plasticky to me.

Wood is a lot more upkeep... but it looks a lot better, too.

Fences are great, though... we spent a week last summer fencing in our backyard- the dogs LOVE it.

Fratzels said...

That's a great price considering what is going on with the vinyl market right now from oil prices. I myself like the vinyl fences! Nice choice.

BTW...great blog....stop by sometime and let me know if you're interest in swapping links.

NV said...

Jennifer -- vinyl is not my first choice BUT ... I've done wood three times. I even built the last one. I need something a little easier to keep. I'm OLD. As my cuz and I were saying yesterday when I was telling him about the brickworK: "We aren't in our 20s, or even our 30s anymore." :-)

We aren't enclosing our whole property (thank God). This is just a buffer to the alley behind us.

Fratzels -- Thanks for all of the above. Blog love makes me smile.

I thought it was a good price, too. We'd actually talked about how oil was going to impact the fence price and that we better jump at a good sale. I've been to your site before and want to do the blogroll. I just haven't got to it yet. GREAT family!

MonkeyGirl said...

Hey - maybe your cousin can help you haul away the concrete too! That thought could lead to a very peaceful night's sleep for a change.

Anonymous said...

Love the fence! Your cousin--too good to be true! That's awesome.