Sunday, July 13, 2008

How Ambitious Am I?

During our second year at This D*mn House, the old widow lady on one side (we were bounded by them when we moved in) moved into a nursing home and a funny old couple moved in. Mr. M. would ALWAYS greet me whenever he saw me working outside with, "My, you're ambitious!" And I would laugh and sometimes tell him, "No. Just stupid with a touch of crazy."

Sadly, the Ms have both long since died, but I feel a little of that sentiment today. It is GLORIOUS outside. Sunny. 70s. Light breeze. I just unloaded my latest brick purchase and am going uptown to grab a few items before I delve into my day. My day, which includes the following list: Empty and scour catboxes and associated tread pads. Mow lawn. Cut out monster root Dago left during fence removal. Take all clippings, plus two bags from Carole's weed adventures, to dump. Break up first and largest concrete slab in walkway. And finally, last, but certainly not least: FINISH THE FRIGGIN'PORCH.

I'm hearing Mr. M. about now ... Wish me luck!


Anonymous said...

Let me echo him: My you're ambitious! But what did laziness ever accomplish right? I say have at it. You'll feel accomplished whatever you get done.

Do you really scour your cat box?

NV said...

You're exactly right. Laziness be damned.
And yeah, I really do scour catboxes. Occasionally. (They're plastic and no matter how good the litter is, how dedicated you are to emptying it, they absorb the cat pee. And after a while, if you don't clean them out, they'll smell bad whether there's anything in them or not.)