Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy Birthday, America!

I'm not a flag-waver. I do have a T-shirt and a button that say "God Bless America." Both were given to me in the wake of 9-11. But today, I'm as big a patriot as anybody.

I showed the ultimate act of patriotism last night by going out and injecting a nice chunk of change into the economy. I bought groceries, household supplies, and take-out at The 54th Street Grill. And, of course, I went to Lowe's and bought more mortar. My DIY dedication was rewarded with a $10 off $50 at Lowe's that expires mid-month. I LOVE that!

These pictures are from our local fireworks display last year. It was part of my first attempt to shoot fireworks, having had my new digital camera a few months at that time. (If you look in the bottom right corner of the one photo, you'll see that Mother Nature was contributing her own fireworks, too. Adore that shot!)

I'm going to give it another try tonight. In fact, during my patriotic distribution of cash last night, I even purchased an impromptu early birthday gift to me: a tripod. It wasn't expensive, it weighs a pound, is 9 inches totally folded, and it extends to 42 inches. I'm hoping it will help me get even better shots this year. I have to develop a strategy though for parking the car. It took 40 minutes to get out of the traffic last year, and this is NOT a major municipality!

But first, Mother Nature has given me a gorgeous day. So, instead of sitting on my butt as I'd planned (when it was going to rain), I'm going to hit the bricks. I'll be contributing to the noise of the holiday, not with the pops and bangs, but with a completely different take on mortar fire. NEEEEEEEENNNNNNNUHHHH.

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