Friday, October 24, 2008

The Blue vs. The Gray

The sun spent the afternoon desperately trying to shine. It’s been rainy, gray and chilly here for days. Here’s hoping that’s about to change. Not holding my breath though as the clouds have once again overtaken the skies which were trying to turn blue. In fact, it has just started to rain … again.

That has had a dramatic impact on my mood. (I’d say it accounts for much of my dour mood of this morning.) That, and a host of things I’m sick of that have all managed to surround me at once. Not the least of which is that Google Reader won’t work. It stopped working sometime yesterday. I’ve tried all the tricks and tips. Nothing helps.

The good news: It’s Friday.

The bad news: It’s Friday. That means I have tomorrow and Sunday to take on a variety of small outdoor projects with the goal of completing them:

1. Put in few remaining bricks along the side of the porch that connect it to the walking surface.
2. Add mortar to several joints on the porch and along the walkway.
3. Leaves, leaves, leaves! (I have no trees, mind you. Just leaves.)
4. Put up new thermometer and other decorative items from the mother’s collection.
5. Repair drains.
6. Prepare strong argument and remain resistant to the idea of digging up those )_@#$(@#)%(*$%(*$ shrubs.

More good news: I should have pictures to share. I haven’t posted very many lately, have I? The other good news is that because it will be cool, and likely quite damp early tomorrow morning, I’m sleeping in. Woe is he or she who wakes me before I am prepared to rise!

That should do wonders for my demeanor, too.