Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Truly. That's about the flavor of this post, too. Sorry.

I'm in even earlier than usual for a second consecutive day because I have just as much to get accomplished.

Yesterday, like Monday, was beastly. Last night, I got home, shifted into overdrive and mowed the sidelot and the front yard. It was really getting dark (7 p.m.) by the time I finished and got everything put away.

The time change doesn't happen until Nov. 2. I think I'm grateful for that. These shorter days kill me because I go to work in the dark and nearly come home in the dark, too. Leaves no spare time to get anything done. Summer has one leg out the door and its hands on the packed bags. I sure hate to see you go, bud. I really do.


Jayne said...

The shorter days are killing me, too. It means winter's getting closer, and I just hate cold weather. This sure was a productive summer for us both, wasn't it?!

Ann said...

I too hate getting up in the dark, it's just lonely and icky.

What's UP with the note-man, dudette?

NV said...

Jayne -- We sure DID! And man do I hate cold weather. Not looking forward to the season change at all.

Ann -- I don't mind getting up in the dark. It's the coming home in it, too, that annoys the crap outta me.

As for noteman, one of two things has occurred:
1) He is proving that he can follow instructions. (I asked that if he wants, to call later in the month after I get past a variety of activities.) or
2) He's lost interest.

Anonymous said...