Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Feels Like Fall

Summer must have its bags packed and sitting near the door, ready to make a quick exit at anytime. It’s downright chilly this morning (just under 50 degrees). Brr. We’ll see only 65 today. Nice, but definitely below average for this time of year.

It would appear that the driveway survived the rain from the start of the week, though I’m still going to wait until tomorrow (one more day of sunshine and air-drying) before I put the car back on it. Here’s hoping that it really is OK. It was waaaay too much work to have it all come sliding off on me!

It’s supposed to stay dry and get progressively warmer as the week wears on which is good news as I need to 1) cut the yard and 2) get going on Pimp My Shed. That will be this weekend’s big projects. They aren’t predicting rain again until late Monday night which I hope is correct. Son of Lawnmower Man is coming sometime Monday to dig out the remaining shrubs from hell and relocate them to their new homes. Yay! That means that once I add the finials to the new porch railing we will just have to put down more rock, set up the brick squares that the mother wants where each of the shrubs used to be, and put flower pots in place. Finally, the front of the house will be done!

Well, except for all that damn gingerbread I get to put up. But that should be easy compared to all the other jobs I’ve done so far.

I had hoped to get to clean the porch and walkway with muriatic acid and seal it. We’ll see if the weather holds out long enough for me to get to that. I do have to put those last few bricks in place on the side of the porch and I’ve got to add mortar to some of the joints or I don’t think they’ll survive the winter. I have to find time to get that done because it would really suck to have a number of bricks either cracked or popped out of place come spring.

So you'd think after a long, busy summer, followed by what will be a busy fall, that I'd get to hibernate for the winter. Think again. We'll just move the work indoors ...