Thursday, October 23, 2008

What’s the Story, Morning Glory?

The sky has an eerie brilliance to it this morning. The sun is nowhere near up yet and rain is forecast so the clouds are plentiful. They’re in layers. A dark blue, followed by a pink layer, followed by a lighter blue. And all of the layers are twinged in a pale red, as if someone is holding a giant red light bulb right on them. (As I type this, the pink layer is taking on an orange hue.) Absolutely gorgeous.

The temperature is in the upper 40s, which is cold to me, but it doesn’t feel so bad. At least, not until that good stiff wind that is accompanying it hits you. It’s like a brutal reminder that summer is truly gone. *pausing briefly to wipe random tear*
As we go into another cold season, I can’t help but wonder what the odds will be that we will be without power again at some point. As I was preparing to leave, the news was reporting that Ameren was having some kind of big news conference this morning on its program to put power lines underground. The way I heard it a year ago, from a lineman in my alley, was that all of their lines were going underground. Now I hear it’s only in some neighborhoods, supposedly those are most plagued by outages. Somehow, I think we qualify. We’ll see if the utility thinks that we do.
When the Monkeygirls came to remove shrubs from Hell back in July, I sure wish they’d taken them ALL! I know I should be grateful that the mother acquiesced enough to have ANY of them removed, but I’m not. I’m not, because she wants to dig up the three remaining plants out front as well as a fourth one on the side of the house, and transplant them. Yeah.

Son of Lawnmower Man was supposed to (nodding at KayO) come by to take on this task more than a week ago. He has never come by or called. The mother supposedly called some landscaping people listed in the classifieds but heard nothing back. One bush, which is actually two small bushes, shouldn’t be that bad. It’s only been in the ground a little over a year. The others? The other two out front aren’t bad, but they’ll be tough as they’ve been there forever, so their roots are probably in the six to eight-foot long category. The one on the side of the house? It’s as bad, if not worse, than the ones that were pulled out with Mr. Monkeygirl’s truck. I’d sooner set that SOB on fire.

Now I think that the mother thinks that I’m going to dig up those bushes. I think she needs to think again because I think that she’s crazy.


CD said...

Another Mickie-ism....... Red skies at night- sailors delight, pink skies in the mornings- sailors warning. Not sure when Mickie was a sailor or weathergirl, but I always know pink skies in the morning mean rain.

Mr.Monkeygirl said...

I'll help you dig them up!! Damn, the chain tore them all up. Oh well, off to the dump we shall go

NV said...

CD -- Mickie the sailor. Trying to picture that is making me laugh. But the old rhyme is certainly right.

Mr. MG -- Nice idea. Great thought, but she isn't budging on this one. I just lucked out last time in getting her to let go of those other ones.