Friday, October 3, 2008

Song Meme: Answers & More Fun

Happy Friday, everyone!

Remember last week when I had that song meme? Well, here are the lyrics again, this time with answers. And, followed in blue is what each song supposedly says about me (I combined KayO's meme of trivia with kspin's meme of random introspection.) For the record, I strongly disagree with most of the random conclusions.

Thanks again to all for playing. This was by far my most commented upon entry, so I'm guessing some of you had fun! Maybe we'll do this again sometime. It can't be all work, right? Note that, for some reason, kspin's meme only had 28 observations so I'll leave it to you to deduce what songs 29 and 30 say about me. Just be nice ...
  1. Stay with it baby – and that’s all I ask of you. (You Are My Kind – Carlos Santana with Seal) What my alter ego is.
  2. Eddie waited ‘til he finished high school. (Into the Great Wide Open – Tom Petty) When I’m in the shower, I sing this.
  3. It's been a (TITLE) and there’s reason to believe maybe this year will be better than the last. (Long December –Counting Crows) What my day will be like
  4. (TITLE), north and south and east and west of your life. (What Are You Doing the Rest of Your Life? – Chris Botti with Sting) Somewhere in my wedding vows I will include this. (NV note: Assuming that I ever actually got married. This is a beautiful song. Listen to the words sometime. God help me – I’m a diehard romantic.)
  5. How does it feel to treat me like you do? (Blue Monday – New Order) This is my make-out song.
  6. (TITLE), the thrill has gone away. (The Thrill is Gone – B.B. King) What My deepest secret is.
  7. She is benediction, she is addicted to he. (Dancin’ Barefoot – Patti Smith). Next time I’m in front of a crowd I’ll say this.
  8. You don’t have to be beautiful to turn me on. (Kiss – Art of Noise with Tom Jones)
    What high school was like for me.
  9. (TITLE) falling on my head like a memory, falling on my head like a new emotion. (Here comes the Rain Again – The Eurythmics) They’ll play this at my funeral.
  10. Don’t you (TITLE)? Don’t you need her badly? (Love Her Madly – Bo Diddley on Doors’ tribute) If I reached the top of Mount Everest I would scream this. (NV Note: Not being a heights person, you'd never know 'cause I'd have been screaming the whole way up.)
  11. Just a castaway, island lost at sea-o. (Message in a Bottle – The Police). My ultimate song for dancing.
  12. For fear the hearts of men are failing, for these are latter days we know. (No Depression – Uncle Tupelo) What makes me happy.
  13. Little Rita and her sister Bette met some mook who drove a purple Chevy. (Out Come the Freaks – Was Not Was) What Cheers Me Up.
  14. Miracle of miracles, look what the night dragged in. (Don’t Ask Me Why – The Eurythmics) The best thing about me.
  15. On a dark desert highway, cool wind in my hair. (Hotel California – The Eagles) I’ll have a good day if I can just hear this song.
  16. I am the son and the heir of a shyness that was criminally vulgar. (How Soon Is Now? – The Smiths) What my last words will be.
  17. I don’t know why I love you like I do, all the changes you put me through. (Take Me To the River – Talking Heads) My best friend is like this.
  18. And if you listen now, you might hear a new sound coming in as an old one disappears. (Put the Message in a Box – World Party) What I Did Last Night
  19. Go ahead and waste your days with thinking when you fall everyone stands. (Move Along – The All American Rejects) My theme song.
  20. Does she walk, does she talk, does she come complete? (Centerfold – Jay Geils) The story of my life. (NV note: Somehow, I think not. #23 seems more appropriate!)
  21. Watch out – you might get what you’re after. (Burnin’ down the House – Talking Heads) They will play this at my wedding.
  22. Watch the sun rise, say your goodbyes, off we go. (Secret – Maroon 5) My favorite thing to do. (NV note: Remember I said bonus points if you could name the movie?This song was in The Wedding Date.)
  23. When the world is a monster, bad to swallow you whole. (Can’t Get There from Here – R.E.M.) Happiness is this.
  24. I can’t imagine so many monkeys comin’ in the daily mail. (Another Postcard – The BareNaked Ladies) I often think about this.
  25. It’s late in the evening. She’s wondering what clothes to wear. (Wonderful Tonight – Eric Clapton) My best friend always says this.
  26. (TITLE) tell me where have you been. (Father of Mine – Everclear) What I want to be when I grow up. (NV note: Um, no. If there was an aspiration to not be something, this would be it.)
  27. Some things you never get used to even though you’re feeling like another man. (High Fidelity – Elvis Costello and the Attractions) This is My biggest fear.
  28. You’ve got a (TITLE); I want a ticket to anywhere. (Fast Car – Tracy Chapman) This is how I feel today.
  29. A bottle of white. A bottle of red. Perhaps a bottle of rose instead. (Scenes from an Italian Restaurant – Billy Joel.)
  30. 30. I am Jeremiah Dixon, I am a Geordie boy. (Sailing to Philadelphia – Mark Knopfler with James Taylor)