Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Christmas at the Door

OK. No doubt, Ann is fainting at the very mention of Christmas.

It’s still two months out, but the Christmas packages are starting to arrive at This D*mn House. Yesterday, the Apple order arrived bearing engraved Shuffles. I know those things are small, but MAN! Just TRY to read the engraving. When I unboxed each one to check it, I had to scurry for my glasses because I couldn’t have begun to tell you what, if anything , was on them! Another point size or two would have helped. And believe it or not, there’s more than enough space, even on these smaller-than-a-matchbook models.

Another order, this one from a catalog/online site, is about to ship. Or, at least most of it is. As happens every year, there is always something that’s already on back order. Even in September and October. It’s stuff for my cousin’s kiddos (three of the four of them), so here’s hoping it will show up.

Our living room is already lined with shopping bags (from Cracker Barrel, the Bread Co., 54th Street) with each one representing a family member, with their respective stuff placed in each. But before I can move all that crap out of the livingroom, I have to locate the family room again. (It’s littered with stuff waiting to go into the still-to-be-remodeled bedrooms.)

Bah freakin’ humbug.


Dee said...

yeah, you are totally freaking me out

CD said...

It feels like I just put Christmas away. Spending time in the lower level today trying to assist Santa with hiding his gifts. The 5 year old is very nosy and notices any minute item out of place. I put a tree up in every room of my house, so I start Christmas decorating on November 1st. Christmas is not only at the door, it's ringing the bell.

Vicki said...

When is Christmas this year? It always sneaks up on me and we're left scrambling for gifts. I'm really good about my Christmas card list though...most years.

Katie @ said...

Wow! You are so on the ball.

NV said...

Sorry, Dee. It's defnitely not ME!

CD -- Decorating every room in your house? No wonder. You probably DID just get it all put away!

Vicki -- It's on a Thursday this year which is a little disruptive.

Katie -- It's not me. It's all the mother. I'd still be buying stuff the week before and wrapping it on the way to their house. :-)

Ann said...

LOL! So you got the hint then? ;0)

But it was so subtle!

Anonymous said...