Sunday, October 12, 2008

Wiped Out

The blog has been pretty quiet this weekend because I have been in a perpetual state of motion for most of it. Updating the blog would require SITTING DOWN, something I've done very little of since Friday.

LOTS to show 'n tell. Like a pimped shed ... and another project. And some shots from the company picnic. (I was official photographer.)

I am wiped out and I've still got a lot to do. I promise to update my blog and catch up on everyone else's SOON.


Jayne said...

But when are you NOT in a state of perpetual motion?? ;)

Dee said...

I was worried! Forgot all about the picnic. (Imagine that.) Thanks for the quick update.

NV said...

Jayne -- TOO funny! (But eerily, VERY close to the truth.)

Dee -- Uh, well, it's not like you haven't had things on your mind, dearie. It was a little vain to assume that if I didn't post for a whole day SOMEBODY would be wondering. Thanks for making the theory fact. :-)

Anonymous said...