Monday, October 20, 2008

Trivial Matters

O.K. kids, it’s pop quiz time! No fair Googlin’ or otherwise looking it up either.

Which went up first? The Berlin Wall or Sputnik.
Which TV show aired first? The Beverly Hillbillies or The Brady Bunch.
Here’s some actors: Matt Dillon, Sandra Bullock, Don Cheadle. Name the Oscar-winning Best Picture they starred in.
Here’s some more actors: Rene Zellweger, Catherine Zeta Jones, Richard Gere. Name that Best Picture.
What’s the superlative of stellar? What’s the plural of index? And what do you call a camel with one hump? (Spelling counts!)

That’s just a small taste of our 10-category, 100-question trivia night. At the risk of bragging, we got 83 out of 100. That included three “perfect” rounds where we scored all 10. The goal is always to not be the low-scoring team who gets sent home in disguises (glasses with nose and mustache). We were nowhere close to low-man this year! In fact, we were five points out of third place and 11 points out of first. Not bad a'tall.

The MonkeyGirl brought Mr. Monkeygirl and called MonkeyMama and she came out to play with us again as we had an empty seat on our team of eight. She was our secret weapon. She kicked ass in the geography category and between us, we ran the word category. (We missed one: the word for a person in their 70s. And we missed it because spelling counts.)

The whole table – which also included, Laura, Cindy, and both of their spouses – cleaned up on ‘80s television shows where you got photos of the cast and had to name the show. And we did equally well in identifying photos of sea life. It was an awesome mix of brain power as everyone had something fantastic to contribute.

It was a very fun night. Of course, it’s always good to hang with my friends. We missed Bridget for a second year (she’s in China this week), and while one Chris was dealing with Homecoming, the other Chris was dealing with a houseful of 14-year-olds at a costume party. (I can’t wait to see that Chris as Madonna! You know you can't tell people these things and not have them expect pictures. Especially when the people are me.) And Maria. Well, whoever knows where Maria is? She’s the only one of the eight to leave the metro area so, sadly, we don’t see her as much.

Mr. Monkeygirl and MonkeyMama got to see my walkway and pimped out shed in person. It was night time, so I’m guessing no one saw the huge grin that crossed my face when Mr. Monkeygirl said of my walkway: “This looks even better in person. The pictures don’t do it justice.” Thanks, Mr. MG!

(I’ll put all the answers in a comment tomorrow and after some of my smart readers list their guesses.)


sewwhat? said...

Monkey Momma loved the night. It was the first time I contributed more than 2 answers to the Trivia collection. And your walkway and shed are awesome! Check my blog for another take on the fun night we had!

Jayne said...

Okay, here's my guesses. About the first two, I have no idea but it's a 50/50 shot, so I say Berlin Wall and Beverly Hillbillies. Dillon, Bullock and Cheadle were in Crash; Zellweger, Zeta-Jones and Gere were in Chicago; no idea about the superlative of stellar, but "stellar-est" sure doesn't sound right; plural of index is indices; and I think a camel with one hump is really a dromedary. Maybe.

NV said...

Thanks, Monkey Momma! you're too much fun and too sweet.

Good job, Jayne! You nailed it, 'cept for that first one which also got us and stellar.

here's the rest:

Sputnik went up before the Berlin Wall.
The Beverly Hillbillies came on years before the Brady Bunch.
Crash was the first best picture answer.
Chicago was the second.
The superlative of stellar is most stellar. (I knew there was no such word as stellarest!)
The plural of index is indices. (Weather junkies know this for sure.)
A one-humped camel is a dromedary.

(Our team got all of these right except the first one.)

Vicki said...

That sounds like my kind of night. Sounds like lots of fun!

NV said...

V -- It IS a lot of fun! Of course, my friends could make just about anything a good time. :-)

Anonymous said...