Sunday, October 26, 2008

Just Plain Lazy

There are things I could do. There are things I should do.

Instead, here I sit on the loveseat, computer in my lap, Yorkie at my hip, eating York peppermint pumpkins. Motivation factor is zero.

I have already been out of the house. I went to pick up some cleaning stuff and my allergy mist and even grabbed some breakfast. Now I am just ready for a nap. Now that I've gotten a dose of mist, something I didn't have last night because I was out, my nose is still stuffy but the coughing fits have ceased and my headache is easing.

I still have some stuff to get on the house today and I need to do some more running around.

Right now, I just feel like crashing. Looking over at Ozzie, who has moved away from my hip and is on his back, all four feet in the air, snoring -- I think I will. For a while ...


Why S? said...

You're not feeling guilty about one morning of rest are you? Because you're the last person that should feel guilty about taking a little break.

Vicki said...

I've had a lazy weekend too. As I'm writing this I'm realizing that probably as soon as you wrote your post you hopped up and re-shingled your roof. So, yeah, I had a lazy weekend. Wish you were here.

Jayne said...

You deserve a day off now and then!! Hope you did take a little nap with Ozzie.

NV said...

I tried to nap. I really did. Best I could muster was to just be stretched out with a Yorkie stretched out on me.

I think I'm getting a cold so headaches and breathing issues are now the norm.

I ended up getting the other stuff done on my list from Friday and going and buying the other stuff I planned to get. For me though, it was pretty close to a day off!