Wednesday, August 12, 2009

All Decked Out

Over the weekend, the mother repainted the deck. This was after she spent an extensive amount of time caulking and doing other repairs and after I had replaced a few wayward boards. I’ll be doing just a bit more work on the deck in the not so distant future.

This has been an almost annual ritual since I rebuilt the deckfloor back in 1996. If I had had a choice way back then, I'd have loved to use one of those composite deck floors instead of pressure-treated lumber.

This brings me to our friends over at Better Homes and Gardens. If a deck is in your future – and, depending on where you live, you’ve still got a good chunk of summer to get cracking – you’ll definitely want to check out their Web site on all things deck-related.

Among the highlights of the complete list of deck resources are:
10 things to know before starting- perfect for first time deckees
Designing the perfect deck – make your deck shine while still saving $$$$
wood-deck maintenance - keep your deck immaculate for years to come
10-point safety checklist - deck safety tips from The National American Deck & Railing Association

Unfortunately, the deck at This D*mn House is pretty humble. It’s nothing so grand as these. Aren't they pretty?


Jayne said...

I love that second one. Good thing my back yard is teeny-tiny and my money's budgeted elsewhere, or I'd have Mare drawing up plans!

Kris said...

Are you kidding me? Your deck is amazing. You definitely need to put more pictures of with different angles. I love the stone work!!! Are you feeling better?

NV said...

Jayne -- Me, too! I'd love to have a gazebo out there. Maybe I will put one out there ... after I build a brick patio when the deck comes out. It's years are numbered.

Kris -- Oh, no. Neither of those are MINE! Those are just some of the ones BHG offers up for ideas. But thanks for thinking I've got something so pretty out back. :-)

Anonymous said...